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Weighing feeders

< Special Equipment Design   Weighing belt feeder, weighing drag chain feeders, weighing screw feeders, weighing apron feeders    
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Special customized paddle or ribbon mixers design

< Special Equipment Design   If required equipment are not available within the market customized design of paddle, ribbon or ploughshare mixers or blender can be provided by IES staff. Drive units and torque limiters can  also be selected  and arranged in accordance  with client’s requirements       
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Fluidized extraction or conveying systems

< Special Equipment Design   Fluidized extraction system consists of air slides arranged  as unique bed in a flat bottom silo or hopper. Conveying air slides complete with air fans  and  accessories.      
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Air or water cooled conveyors

< Special Equipment Design   Apron steel belt conveyor in tight housing conveying hot materials exchanging heat with  dosed quantity of ambient air. In water submerged chain or steel pan belt conveyors with sloped portion for drainage.  
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