Special equipment Design


  • Weighing feeders
      Weighing belt feeder, weighing drag chain feeders, weighing screw feeders, weighing apron feeders    
  • Special customized paddle or ribbon mixers design
      If required equipment are not available within the market customized design of paddle, ribbon or ploughshare mixers or blender…
  • Fluidized extraction or conveying systems
      Fluidized extraction system consists of air slides arranged  as unique bed in a flat bottom silo or hopper. Conveying…
  • Air or water cooled conveyors
      Apron steel belt conveyor in tight housing conveying hot materials exchanging heat with  dosed quantity of ambient air. In…
  • Tanks, silos, hoppers
      Any kind of storage conical, flat bottom silo or hopper design complete with suitable reclaiming systems. Tank for granules,…
  • Special chutes
      Engineerized special connection chutes for material transfer in between consecutive conveyors, special low friction materials and flow aid systems.
  • Piping, diverters, terminal boxes, special lining
      Piping stress  analysis, pipe rack , special diverters, terminal boxes for silo top connection, special ceramic lining in co-operation…
  • Pressure vessels
      Self calculation and design of non standard pressure vessels can be provided according to international standards   
  • Rotary valves and airlocks
      Any kind of rotary valves or airlocks can be proposed  in co-operation with  qualified partners   
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic ejectors
      Flow thru or traditional pneumatic or hydraulic ejectors can be designed or proposed in co-operation with qualified partners     
  • Iron and steel removers
      Any kind iron and steel removers   in co-operation with  qualified partners
  • Non magnetic metals separators
      Any kind of non magnetic metals separators  in co-operation with  qualified partners   
  • Screens
      Any kind of vibrating or roller screens  in co-operation with  qualified partners
  • Vibrating feeders
      Any kind of vibrating feeder in co-operation with  qualified partners    
  • Bucket elevators
      Any kind of on belt or chain bucket  elevator in co-operation with  qualified partners    
  • Belt elevators
      Special belt elevators for particular  applications
  • Belt conveyors
      Any kind of belt conveyor for dry or wet materials     
  • Disagglomeration of materials
      Self designed single or double shaft Disagglomerators customized on the hopper outlet dimensions