Archivi annuali : 2016

Bypass conveying system

As many people know Gragnano pasta follows the teaching of the most  ancient traditions  that recommend the use of bronze  extruding machines and  a very slow drying of dough. IES has been honored to study and  supply a bypass conveying system to both long and short pasta  packaging units to avoid special products are conveyed…
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Structural Design

We are involved  as  designers of important  structures based on Eurocode standards. The structure showed in the figure have dimensions of 8 x 26 m in plant and maximum height of 22 m ; it is  subjected  to self, dead, dynamic, wind, snow , live and seismic loads in the standard  combinations. Dissipative configuration of…
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Weighing feeders

[button text="< Special Equipment Design" link="" style="primary" size="normal" target="_self" display="inline" icon="no"]   Weighing belt feeder, weighing drag chain feeders, weighing screw feeders, weighing apron feeders    
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