Close to   the end of the  second world war Ciro Allocca started to work in a English airplane fabrication industry and at  the  end of the war moved to the food industry becoming one of  the leading people in the mechanical design of the food machinery fabrication sector.

In the early 1977, his  son, Sal Allocca  started to work in foundry sector  , then he moved to rail coaches engineering  and fabrication  companies and in the early 1982 started to work in bulk material handling sector being involved  as technical director in many plant engineering  and installation all over  the world specializing in critical high reliability applications where the consequence of failure is catastrophic or extremely costly.

After almost  twenty years of continuous  and successful  activities he founded the first own family company and to day, on a second turn, his sons, graduated in economics  and mechanical engineering ,  continue the family tradition with Industrial Engineering Services S.r.l. .

Together with  some engineers and a valued team of consultants Industrial Engineering Services has been built by providing quality work with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism.

These values drive our engineering staff and our business today.

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